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There are many lifestyle/self-development blogs out there and I wouldn't be surprised if you're rolling your eyes from seeing another, I completely understand. In today's society, it's difficult to stand out and be unique. One idea could have been formulated years ago and then eventually repurposed.

There isn't much we can do in the 21st century to be 'different'. Having said that, what is the dire need to be different from the rest anyway? Are you truly different or are you changing according to societal norms? Opinionated individuals are boycotted, we are unable to speak the truth without causing offense.

Every post of mine will be the raw bitter truth, I will say exactly what I need to in order to get my message across. Hold yourself accountable for everything in your life and take action. Don't waste your time with trivial activities when you know your time could be better spent elsewhere, even with this newsletter, I don't want lazy individuals to sign up. I want determined and conscientious people, not temporary motivation-seeking people. I won't waste your time, don't waste mine.

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